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Award-winning Melbourne townhouse builders

We are leaders in the construction of multi-unit townhouse developments in Melbourne.

IDEA Constructions are award-winning Melbourne townhouse builders

IDEA Constructions are award-winning leaders in the construction of Melbourne townhouses.

As the winner of the 2020 HIA Victorian Townhouse/Villa Development (up to $500,000 per dwelling) and 2022 finalist in the same category, we have been recognised for our excellence in the construction, design and delivery of multi-unit residential developments.

Our expert team partners with property developers and landowners to transform their ideas into reality. To help maximise clients’ return on investment, we focus on quality workmanship, design effectiveness, environmental sustainability, innovation and visual and market appeal.

Who We Build For

We build townhouses for a wide range of clients across Melbourne

At IDEA Constructions we have over two decades of experience developing townhouses for a wide range of clients across Melbourne, from private dual-occupancy developers, first-time investors to dedicated property-development businesses.

Whether it’s a development (for your long-term property portfolio) or a townhouse (for your end-buyers), we take all key areas into consideration on your behalf – and bring your ideas to life.

We provide direction, clarity, consistency, certainty, and peace of mind throughout the construction of your townhouse development project.

Before We Begin

Our approach to building is systematical and strategical

Regardless of construction size or stage of development, every project we take on is approached systematically and strategically.

Each development deserves unique attention, planning and detail.

Having numerous conversations with our clients, IDEA Constructions delivers grounded, down-to-earth explanations, and helps in obtaining all the permits, even for the most complex multi-unit construction projects.

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From All Angles

Our building experience maximises the effectiveness of your build, and minimises the costs

Our property development experience gives us ample expertise to advise on the best improvements and implementations for your projects, to maximise the effectiveness of your build, and to minimise costs.

Through collaboration with your design team, real estate and construction industry professionals during the planning stages IDEA Constructions helps ensure that your project achieves your development and investment goals.

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Timeframes & Scheduling

We ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget

As developers ourselves, we fully understand and respect our clients’ financial commitments to their developments.

Construction time is a crucial element of a project’s budget.

Using our structured internal systems, smart project scheduling, and our trademark methodical approach to productivity, we ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

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Our latest townhouse developments

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Frequently asked questions

What is involved in the design process of building a townhouse project?

There are multiple factors that dictate the outcome of what could be built on a particular site.

For example, the orientation and location of your site, slope, neighbourhood character, established trees, local Council density zoning requirements, and bush-fire zoning, just to name a few.

IDEA Constructions is here to guide you through the whole process, as well as help and assure that whatever has been designed is within your designated budget.

What is a difference in obtaining paperwork for a townhouse development as opposed to a custom, single family home?

There is a different level of complexity in obtaining permits necessary for multi-unit development. A townhouse development may have more complex design requirements, wider range of materials, higher fire-rating requirements, more complexity in logistics, and higher cost.

There are many more items to consider, and these are always assessed and discussed with clients on a job-by-job basis.

How do I choose a builder or contractor for my townhouse project development?

Building a townhouse development is not for everyone. Equally so, not every builder can manage a construction of multiple dwellings on one site, in a cost effective and timely manner. Building a multi-unit townhouse development project requires a different set of skills, systems, and procedures compared to building a single, custom built dwelling or home.

When it comes to the project’s feasibility and its yield, a builder can either help “make it, or break it”.

Aligning yourself with a knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable builder will assure that your financial exposure is in safe hands, and that you are guided and fully informed during the whole process.

How do I obtain the town planning permit and the building permit for my townhouse development?

An application for a town planning permit is submitted by a professional engaged in designing your project. This could be either your architect or drafts person.

When it comes to the building permit, clients engage the services of their chosen building surveyor. The building surveyor issues building permit and attend all relevant inspections required during the construction of your project.

Talk to us at IDEA Constructions – we can recommend a building surveyor and assist in obtaining all the necessary paperwork required.

What are the steps in the construction process of the townhouse development?

Once all plans and permits have been obtained, it is important to engage a builder that provides realistic and detailed fixed-price quote. This ensures cost transparency, and provides assurance that your project is kept within the budget during construction.

Can I use green building techniques when building a townhouse development?


We encourage all our clients to always consider environmental impacts of their development from the very initial stages. Eco-smart decisions can be included into the design, reflect on overall project sustainability and project’s impact on environment.

Consider the orientation of dwellings, internal fit-outs, materials and overall design that improve thermal efficiency (eg. windows, insulation), air quality, water conservation, lighting, passive heating/cooling, etc.

IDEA Constructions is a GreenSmart Certified Builder – we apply the GreenSmart principles wherever possible during construction, and can assist with the sustainable building choices you make.

What is the role of an architect and/or drafts person in the townhouse building process?

Regardless whether you engage an architect or a drafts person, both professionals have large and important input into the initial design of your project. They both specialise in converting your vision into readable plans and assure that innovation and functionality are being meet. They are familiar with local council’s requirements, which can be complicated, time consuming and are always changing – this is important during the Town Planning Stage. They can also assist with working drawings.

What is the cost of building a townhouse development?

Many factors are involved in preparing a budget and providing a correct quote for your development.

The cost depends on the civil design requirements from the local Council, type of soil conditions, slope, bush-fire zoning, external cladding materials selection, selection of internal finishes, etc.

It is important to always engage a builder that provides a realistic and a detailed fixed-price quote.
This ensures accurate costing and provides assurance that your project is kept within the budget during construction.

How is the quality of workmanship guaranteed?

Under the legislation of Domestic Building Contracts Act (1995), all our residential projects are covered by 10 years structural Builders Warranty Insurance. An Insurance Certificate of Currency is provided upon signing of the contract.

Wherever possible we use Australian products, with Australian certifications. We engage quality local, insured and certified trades who abide by Australian Building Standards and Codes. And we make sure that we use local trades, support local jobs and the local economy.

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