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We’re award-winning Melbourne custom-home builders

As award-winning Melbourne custom-home builders, IDEA Constructions builds premium single-storey, double-storey, multi-unit and special needs dwellings in Melbourne. Working on a variety of projects over the last two decades, IDEA Constructions can be trusted to deliver quality results every time.

Building primarily in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we are custom-home builders holding domestic and commercial builder licences, and are widely recognised as innovators and a “go-to” builder in the area we service.

Whether you have existing plans or are developing a design – IDEA Constructions are expert builders who can realise your vision.

Single Storey Custom-Homes

Single Storey. Many Benefits.

We’re dedicated to delivering quality single storey homes that make the best use of space and ensure practical living.

Simple to maintain, you will be able to maximise your home’s long term value while enjoying the benefits of a lower construction cost.

Our client’s stunning single storey home built in 2021 was announced Winner of 2021 HIA Victorian Housing Awards in Custom-built Home category (up to $500,000). Please visit our Portfolio for details.

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Double Storey Custom-Homes

Double Storey. Twice the Space.

IDEA Constructions ensures the ultimate in comfort and practical living for every double storey home build.

The dedicated team has years of experience creating spacious open living areas to maximise views, and help you make sustainable building and lighting decisions.

With our collaborative and systematic processes in place, you can trust IDEA Constructions to work with you to support your unique vision, design choices and style.

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NDIS Registered Builder

Building the right custom-home that supports you.

We’re committed to building custom-homes that support you. Our custom-built homes are designed to support your independence and make you and your family feel safe. You can trust IDEA Constructions to create spaces that provide lasting comfort, regardless of your age, mobility, or needs.

As registered NDIS professionals, we work in conjunction with occupational therapists and healthcare practitioners to deliver safer and more accessible homes.

Sloping Blocks

You see challenge. We see potential.

A visionary slope design can raise your dream home to the next level. Whilst requiring bespoke engineering, specialist retaining and drainage – building on a slope allows you to create something unique and lasting, capitalising on views and capturing natural light.

As accredited GreenSmart Professional Builders, we support the GreenSmart philosophy and bring a sustainable-building approach to all our constructions.

Our dedication to sustainability means we look for every opportunity to combine water catchments and energy-efficient design, elevating your home’s potential while helping it reduce living costs.

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Knockdown and Rebuild

You see choices. We see possibilities.

Creating a new home from the ground up with a knockdown rebuild is no problem for our skilled team. Turning your plans to upsize, downsize or retire into a reality, IDEA Constructions helps transform your home into something special that you can enjoy for the years to come.

With land being the most valuable asset, we’re here to ensure every element is built to its fullest potential.

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Our latest custom-built homes

View our collection of exceptional building projects showcasing some of our custom-built homes in Melbourne

Frequently asked questions

What are custom built homes?

Contrary to a ‘spec home’ where you have little or no input, custom-built homes are homes designed to meet customers’ exact needs, wishes and budgets.

At what stage should I engage a builder?

Architects are great when it comes to turning your vision into a design, but they don’t necessarily have full understanding nor knowledge of how much things cost. Hence, the wisest approach is to get the builder involved at the earliest possible.

Builders’ knowledge and experience is invaluable when it comes to helping with design input, construction budgeting, selections, engineering, and meeting the construction budget. We can help with as little or as much as you require, and advise on design improvements to keep cost in check and shave off the price to build.

Can I make changes after signing the contract?

The short answer is ‘yes’.
Inclusions selection process minimises any uncertainties and delays during construction, but that doesn’t mean you are not permitted to change your mind once the contract is signed.

While some builders don’t allow changes, at IDEA Constructions we encourage clients to be active participants and fully involved in the construction of their custom home.

Depending on complexity of the requested change – some changes may require town planning permit variation and even building permit variation. At IDEA Constructions, we are always happy to assist and advise before you commit to any changes financially, no matter how little or big the change is.

Do you have standard house design plans for us to choose from?

This is a very common and logical question we often get asked.

However, we do not have standard house design plans for clients to choose from.

If you choose to custom build, each home is specifically designed to suit your needs and budgets, taking into account many additional factors, such as land specific restrictions, orientation and slope of the land, BAL rating, your neighbours, established trees, etc.

IDEA Construction builds a range of custom-built homes – single and double story homes, split level homes, special needs homes (NDIS/SDA), energy efficient homes, build on slope, as well as full knockdown-rebuilt and townhouse developments.

Do you use subcontractors?

Subcontractors are an integral part of our team.

We pride ourselves on having long term business relationships with our trades and subcontractors, and engage with high-quality suppliers with a proven and efficient track record.

Do you need to know my budget for a custom-built home?

Knowing the budget from the beginning is important. It is similar to going on a holiday and knowing the exact destination – it helps you to get there!

The custom home doesn’t need to be expensive to build.

However, a quality builder’s advice will ensure that your project is going to be designed and built within the perimeters of the nominated budget.

What’s included in the price of a custom built home?

During initial phone calls and face-to-face meetings, we discuss with you to how little or how much you want us to do.

Some clients choose to do fencing themselves, other ones may have a family member that can help with decking and landscaping…

IDEA Constructions offers full scope of works – from the demolition and site clean (if required), obtain all preliminary documentation and building permits, we provide detailed quote that outlines construction cost and all inclusions. Finally, we project manage the construction of your home, through to the handover and completion.

Will we have access to the site during construction?

This is a great question!

It is important for you to be involved and have an insight at every stage of the construction of your newly built custom home.

Your safety, as well as the safety of all involved building your home, is paramount to us. The site access is pre-arranged by contacting your designed site supervisor. He will accompany you through the site, and provide updates on the progress – what was done, and what is yet to be done.

Will you visit our block to ensure it is suitable to build the home we want on it?

Site visit is organised after initial discussions. It is important for us to have a full understanding of your site conditions, slope, Council and utility company assets, any existing structures. From there, we discuss and advise what type of home is suitable for the design with your architect.

Does a custom built home come with a warrantee?

Regardless of the construction cost of your home, and under the legislation of Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, all our homes are covered by 10 years structural Builders Warranty Insurance.

Homes Warranty Insurance is taken for each individual dwelling you build with us, and without it a Building Permit cannot be issued.

Insurance Certificate of Currency is provided upon signing of the contract.

The warranty transfers to the new owners, in case you choose to sell your home.

How do I know we are in safe hands?

We understand the complexity and know choosing a right builder is not an easy task.

Regardless of whether you come to us through a word-of-mouth or by active search, upon request we can provide information of our registrations, licences, insurances, industry memberships and awards.

We encourage you to conduct reference checks, contact former clients, as well as check our previous works by visiting our web site and social media.

Further to this, of course, we are always open and willing to discuss and answer any questions in writing.

We believe that client-builder is a two way relationship,  based on a clear communication, transparency and mutual respect.

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