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Our specialty is your growth solution.


IDEA Constructions are Award Winning Builder (HIA Victorian Townhouse/Villa Development up to $500,000 per dwelling) and a leader in the construction and delivery of multi-unit residential developments. We are proud to assist property developers and landowners maximise their return on investment.


Who We Build For

Our clients range from private dual-occupancy developers, first-time investors, and dedicated property-development businesses.

  • We take into consideration all key areas that matter to your end-buyers, or when building for your long-term property portfolio.
  • We provide direction, certainty and clarity throughout the construction and development process.
  • We assist in the explanation of all rules and regulations, avoiding you all the confusion surrounding your build.
  • We take pride in consistency and quality as benchmarks for every structure we build.

Before We Begin

  • We apply a systematic and strategic approach to all construction projects, regardless of construction size or stage of development.
  • We deliver down-to-earth simple solutions to assist in the explanation of all permits, restrictions and regulations – avoiding any uncertainty surrounding your project.
  • We serve each project independently, as each development is different and requires its own level of attention, planning and detail.
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From All Angles

  • We work in conjunction with your design team to advise on best improvements and implementations that maximise effectiveness and minimise costs.
  • We establish a solid plan of action to ensure the delivery of your project, on time and on budget.
  • We collaborate with real estate and construction industry professionals during the planning stages, to support you achieving your development and investment goals.
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Timeframes & Scheduling

  • We understand and respect your financial commitment. And we also know that construction time is a crucial element to a project’s profitability.
  • We deliver on time and on budget, without compromising on quality and expectations.
  • Utilising a methodical approach, smart project scheduling and detailed internal systems, we ensure the greatest productivity and practice on every one of our construction sites.
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Ready to begin?

With our skills, experience and passion, we're happy to field any questions and assist you on your next property development mission.