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Our specialty and a solution for Your growth

Idea Constructions specialises in construction and delivery of multi-unit residential property developments. We are a builder known for assisting property developers maximise their returns.

Who we build for

  • Our clients range from private dual occupancy developers and investors; through to small-to-medium dedicated land development businesses.
  • We know what to consider in areas that matter to your end buyers or when building for your long term property portfolio.
  • We provide direction, certainty and results

Before we start

  • IDEA applies a strategic approach to all construction projects, regardless of size and stage where they are at
  • We clarify the rules and regulations, permits and restrictions. We clear up confusion and provide professional, down-to-earth simple solutions
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We consider your project from all angles

  • We work closely with your design team and advise on design improvements to keep costs in check and shave off the price to build
  • We establish plan of action to ensure your project is delivered within designated budget and in time
  • We collaborate with real estate and construction industry professionals during planning and design stages to help you achieve your development or investment objective
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Timeframes and Scheduling

We respect your financial commitment to the project and know that the construction time is a crucial element when it comes to project’s overall profitability. We deliver on time and on budget, without compromising on quality and expectations

With a systematic and methodical approach, project scheduling, internal systems and policies in place, we ensure maximum productivity at each construction site.

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