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Custom Built Homes

Built with you in mind.


Building your dream home is always exciting. Whether you have existing plans or are developing your design, your big ideas need the backing of an expert builder that can interpret your needs and realise that vision.


Single Storey Homes

Single Storey. Many Benefits.

Everyone loves a quality built single storey home. What's not to love?

Practical living, simple to maintain, and all delivered at a lower construction cost.

With lasting long term value, they are an ideal choice when entering the property market or downsizing.


Double Storey Homes

Double Storey. Twice the Space.

The options are all yours when it comes to building your double storey home.

Whether you have an affinity with stairs, seeking spacious open living, or perhaps a balcony with city views - we can support your vision through a variety of practical designs and styles, always looking for ways to keep your build energy-efficient and maximise natural light.

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Special Needs Homes & Home Modifications

Building the right home that supports you.

Your home is your place to feel safe and in charge. It needs to provide lasting comfort for your long term liveability - regardless of age, mobility, or any restrictions.

IDEA Constructions are registered NDIS professionals and work in conjunction with Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Practitioners to deliver safer and more accessible homes.


Sloping Blocks

You see challenge. We see potential.

A visionary slope design can raise your dream home to another level. Whilst requiring bespoke engineering, specialist retaining and drainage - building on a slope allows you to create something unique and lasting, capitalising on views and capturing natural light.

IDEA Constructions are also accredited GreenSmart Professional Builders.

We support the GreenSmart philosophy and bring an environmentally-centered approach to all our constructions.

We'll look for every opportunity to combine water catchments and energy-efficient design, to elevate your home's potential to contribute to it's environment and reduce your living costs.

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Knockdown and Rebuild

You see choices. We see possibilities.

You've established yourself in a great neighbourhood and it makes sense to keep on living there. And we can support your vision for home through retirement, downsizing or upscaling.

Knocking down or rebuilding is not always about replacing the existing structure. Dual Occupancy is a fantastic land development and investment opportunity for homeowners.

A great block of land can be hard to find and it's your most valuable asset. It makes sense to keep it and make improvements or changes as you see fit.

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Ready to begin?

With our knowledge, expertise and considered approach, we're happy to answer any questions and support you on whatever property journey you wish to take.