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Custom built homes

We build structures - you give them life


Building your home is always exciting. You may already have your own plans or are in the process of designing your dream home. Your idea needs the support of a professional builder that understands what you are trying to achieve and who can realise your vision.


Single story homes

A single story home is a home that has many great long term values. Absolutely everyone loves a quality built single story home.

Simplicity of maintenance, practicality of use and lower construction cost are just a few benefits to name. Looking ahead, a single story home is a great asset to start with, or downgrade to (if required in future).


Double story homes

There are some fantastic designs when it comes to building a double story home.

The most popular option is with upstairs bedrooms and spacious downstairs living areas, but your options definitely do not end there. It is important to build a home that is practical, energy efficient and maximises the use of natural light.

We help you set a realistic budget. We are known for being organised and systematic, regardless of the project size. Your home will be built on time and budget.

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Special needs homes and home modifications

Your home has to support you and make you feel safe and in charge; it needs to provide long term livability and accessibility, regardless of your age, or level of your ability. Wheel chair access, wider hallways, adapted kitchen, walk in shower – these are some possible features you may require.

IDEA Constructions works in collaboration with Occupational Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals to create safer and more accessible homes. We are now fully registered NDIS professional.


Sloping blocks

There is so much potential in sloping blocks! Imagine the views and abundance of light!

The fact is - sloping sites call for bespoke engineering of retaining and drainage. However, building on slope also allows you to create something unique and not easily replicable. A visionary design can take the home to completely another level. Combining water catchments and energy efficient design, your home has a great potential to contribute to the environment and reduce living costs.

IDEA is accredited GreenSmart Professional Builder - we support the GreenSmart philosophy and environment-centered approach to construction.

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Knockdown - rebuild

Are you retiring, downgrading or upgrading?

Once you establish yourself in a great neighbourhood, it makes sense to continue living where you feel you belong. A good quality block of land can be hard to find and is probably one of your most valuable assets. So it makes sense to keep it and make improvements on the land that you already have.

Knockdown - rebuild is not just about replacing the previous home. Dual occupancy is also a very common land development solution. With our knowledge, expertise and down-to-earth approach, we answer your questions and support you on the journey you decide to take.

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Ready to begin?

IDEA delivers great quality homes on time and within budget. Contact us to discuss your ideas or book a consult.